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FIRM Connect is an online platform that enables Christians around the world to discover, connect, and engage with Israel-related ministries that have been endorsed by FIRM.

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“…to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.” (Romans 1:16)

Pray for Israel and the Jewish people

Commit to dedicating 1% of your day — only 14 minutes — to praying that God would bring peace to Israel and establish her once again as a “light to the nations.” (Isaiah 49:6)

Give 1% to bless Israel

Whether you’re an individual, ministry, or business, pledge to give 1% of your income to bless the people and nation of Israel. Whatever your passion is, we want to help you find effective, Biblically-grounded ministries with which to partner.

Connect with effective ministries reaching Israel

FIRM works to help you establish lasting, two-way friendships and partnerships with ministries around the world, achieving the great aim of the Bible: Jews and Gentiles working together as One Body in the Messiah.

Join others who have taken the challenge.

  • Jaime Goldenberg

    The Church at Knoxville

    “We believe that those who bless Israel will be blessed. We also love the local church and believe that it is the hope of the world….We have seen our church steadily grow reaching people in our city and our church income has doubled the national average since we began to bless Israel with 1% of our income.”
  • Jonathan Wiggins

    Resurrection Fellowship

    “Giving 1% of our total revenue as a First Fruits investment toward Israel related ministries is the proverbial ‘cornerstone’ of our global tours strategy. Blessings overtake blessings for churches who support Israel in this way. Try it for one year and see for yourself.”
  • Stovall Weems

    Lead Pastor, Celebration Church

    “The apostle Paul tells us the Good News is the power of God ‘to the Jew first, then to the Gentile.’ Based on this principle from Scripture, Celebration Church has been honored to dedicate the first 1 percent of our financial giving to the church in Israel. Our church has seen tremendous fruit from giving to the messianic Jews first and we know you and your church will too.”
  • Scott Bledsoe

    Household of Faith Church

    “Since visiting Israel, it has always been in our hearts to bless God’s chosen people first, and then reach out to the world. Late this past year we rearranged our giving to reflect this value and we have seen God bless our efforts in return.”
  • John Siebeling

    The Life Church, Memphis TN

    “When I first heard about ministries committing to giving 1% of their income toward blessing the Jewish people, I knew that it was something that we wanted to be a part of — not only as a church, but also for Leslie and I personally. The blessing and momentum that we’ve experienced as we have sown this seed is undeniable. I have no doubt that it is a result of following Scripture’s mandate that we place a priority on blessing the Jewish people, and we count it an honor to be a part of this strategic initiative.”

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